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It's raining! When will my lawn be serviced?

  No need to worry, Your lawn will be serviced the next scheduled workday. All work offered is weather permitting.

For example, If you are scheduled for lawn maintenance on Monday but it's raining. You will automatically be rescheduled for Tuesday's lawn maintenance. If it rains Tuesday you will automatically be rescheduled for Wednesday's maintenance.. so on and so forth.

My lawn wasn't cut today and it didn't rain?

  Scheduling / Break down's.  There are many reasons why we may have not been able to visit your property on specifically scheduled days. No need to worry you are on the list and will be serviced. If you require more information feel free to e-mail, call, text, or by clicking the contact us button at the top.

Pet Excrement

 We do not pick up or mow around pet excrement. We will continue regular maintenance if there is less than a hand full of poop left on the yard, but Quality Lawn holds the right of service refusal at the opinion of the technician on site.

What type of payments can I make?

  We offer a variety of different payment methods to better suit your needs.

   -Monthly payments (available only with post-dated cheques or Credit cards on file)  To set up monthly payments feel free to e-mail, call, text, or by clicking contact us! button at the top well be happy to help.

   -Half & Half payments (available only with post-dated cheques or Credit cards on file) To set up monthly payments feel free to e-mail, call, text, or by clicking contact us! button at the top well be happy to help.

   -Full payment (by selecting the full payment option you may choose to pay with either Cash, Cheques, Credit card, or E-Transfer) To set up a full payment feel free to e-mail, call, text, or by clicking contact us! button at the top well be happy to help.

**Debit transactions are currently not offered at this time**

Can you cut my grass shorter?

  We do not recommend cutting grass lower than 3 inches. Doing so may permanently and irreversibly damage the lawn. We recommend cutting the lawn on a regular weekly schedule so that you are not cutting more than 33% of the plant off at a time. Every customer scheduled for service through Quality Lawn will be cut 3 inches in height.

Will, you cut my grass if theirs a drought?

  In the event of a summer drought, we do not recommend cutting the lawn. The grass is under immense stress and servicing may permanently and irreversibly damage the plant resulting in mandatory replacement. We keep a close watch of every Quality Lawn customer in the event of a drought. We perform regular inspections of all lawns, as soon as possible we will continue service.

Do I pay for skipped services?

  If your property was skipped due to unforeseen circumstances, recent weed spray application, materials on the lawn, unable to access, etc... You will be charged in full for that week's maintenance and will not be rescheduled for the same week period.

Do you mulch or side discharge the grass clippings?

  The service technician will make the best possible decision for your lawn. In most cases, we mulch the grass clippings as it is excellent for the health of your lawn, but if the clippings are too long we will side discharge. The following week (if scheduled) it will be ready for mulching.

Is it cheaper to cut my grass bi-weekly?

  The price of bi-weekly cutting is a cut and a half. It's the price of one week cut plus half that cost.

For example:

                    - Weekly cutting price 25$

                    - Half Weekly price 12.50$

                    - Bi-weekly cutting price 37.50$ + applicable taxes

Why is it more expensive to cut the lawn bi-weekly rather than weekly?

  When there is more grass to cut it greatly increases the time we need to professionally service your lawn. There are more clippings to clean, trimming the edges takes longer, and the lawn will take more than one pass to get it to a reasonable standard. We will always recommend a weekly cutting schedule but we do offer bi-weekly servicing.

Do you offer free estimates?

  All estimates offered by Quality Lawn are 100% free.

Where can I find reviews or referrals of your work?

  There are many ways of finding our customer reviews here are a couple below just copy and paste in your browser:

    - Google Reviews

           - https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b&q=quality+lawn

    - Facebook Reviews

           - https://www.facebook.com/QLawn/

Which part of the city to do work in?

  We try and service all listed cities and surrounding towns as best as possible. Here are all the current areas of operation:

Clarence-Rockland          Rockland                   Cumberland                   SpringRidge          Cardinal Creek

Fallingbrook                     Chatelaine Village     Queenswood Village      Orleans Ward        Queenswood Heights

Orleans South West        Convent Glen            Orleans Village               Orleans                 Blackburn Hamlet

Chapel Hill South             Avalon                       Navan                             Gloucester            Rockliffe Park

Alta Vista                         Greenboro                 Hunt Club East               Riverside              Nepean

Ottawa                             Bells Corners             Craig Henry                    Centrepointe        Bayshore

Carlington                        Westboro                  Parkwood Hills                Mooney's Bay       Old Ottawa South

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