The price stated is included with tax.
**Grass Mowing - We are expected to start May 1st and run until October* (October is biweekly cutting) on a weekly cutting schedule totaling 24 cuts.
**Grass Trimming - All edges will be trimmed.
**Grass Blowing - All walkways, street, driveway, and furniture will be blown off of debris.
If any further mowing is needed it will be performed on an as needed basis. The estimate is only for the services provided on the list above. Any other services can be negotiated and another estimate will be made.

Weekly Lawn Mowing

  • Lawn maintenance package for weekly grass mowing.

    Trimming & Blowing (clean up) is included in the price.

    *This price is based on a small lot size. For example: Single middle town home (front, back, and sides)

    The property will be inspected on or before first (1st) scheduled service. If the property lot size is not accurate, Quality lawn holds the right to adjust price per service accordingly. Refunds and returns on inaccurate property size may incur a refund fee.